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Re: So the EMH Never Heard of the Dominion

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The EMH was last activated prior to Voyager leaving, there's no reason to think his program is periodically updated with current events while he's inactivated.
Back in the 90s it might have made sense that their computers would take time to be updated with that sort of information. Even today, the most common paradigm is sharing information via some central server.

But Voyager was docked at the station which had the most intelligence on the Dominion there was to have. Realistically, their computers should have synced that data automatically so it would be available as needed.
Thank you. Finally, a voice of reason
I don't think anyone here is arguing that it is more rational that the computer, and hence the Doctor, would not be updated with relevant information, only that is might be understandable. On the other hand, automatic updates of military and diplomatic intelligence (beyond the mere facts of the existence of the Dominion) might not necessarily be wise, expanding the possibility that such intelligence might fall into the hands of a Gul or the 24th C version of Wikileaks.
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