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Re: So the EMH Never Heard of the Dominion

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No, no mention of Voyager's disappearance on DS9. But would a lost starship be DS9 and Sisko's problem? Wouldn't Starfleet Command be in charge of the search? Sisko's authority was limited to the station; he wasn't in charge of Starfleet activity outside the station. Was he?
As the ranking officer in the Bajoran sector, he had authority over any matter pertaining to Starfleet that happened within said region. I doubt his authority would have extended to the Badlands, but he certainly could have been involved in a search for a missing ship, similar to how neighboring police departments might collaborate to solve a crime or find a missing person. Also recall that he was asked by Starfleet to deal with the Maquis threat when it first emerged, so he clearly had authority over more than just the station.

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