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Re: Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes confirmed for Bond 24

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Relayer1, I hear you re: the novels, but Craig-Bond doesn't seem at all more than professionally cordial with Craig-era Tanner, and clearly likes but barely knows Felix Leiter. I stand by my statement that Craig-Bond has next to no established character; the writers just coast by on the brand name and tropes, just as they did with Brosnan.
That's the fault of the screenwriters. Bond has NEVER had a friendly relationship in the films with Tanner. In fact, the films largely treat Tanner as more like M's secretary than a Chief of Staff. In the books, Tanner is probably one of Bond's only friends.

As far as Leiter goes, also a fault of the screenwriters. He was supposed to get more screentime in Quantum of Solace, but his scenes were cut. He doesn't even appear in Skyfall (although granted, none of that film's plot takes Bond to the United States).

As far as criminal organizations, the books also feature SPECTRE, which is an international ring of terrorists. Their goal isn't merely money, it's political power. They're more akin to the traditional mythos behind the Iluminati, a secret organization that hopes to wield power through subversive means. Much like Quantum, if that means cornering the market on natural resources, then that is what they will do. It shouldn't be so much about the money as about the influence over those who have no choice.
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