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It's placing as a Tactical station makes sense and is more in line with TNG and where Worf stood on the Ent-D bridge. Maybe it was an early idea that got abandoned as they decided to give Tuvok one of the rear stations instead, but they never quite removed it from the design and it was became a kind of 'generic station'?
No, because the diagram and descriptions from the writers' tech manual -- and mine is version 1.0, the original -- refer to both Tuvok's Security/Tactical station and the standup Tactical station simultaneously. Tuvok's station was always (at least as far back as the publication of the first-edition manual) meant to be the sit-down station to starboard aft, but the center rail station was always meant to be a Tactical station as well.

Maybe if Rick Sternbach sees this thread, he could offer some insights into the thinking behind the two consoles.
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