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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

Saw it tonight, a solid B+.

Biggest complaint was the Australian characters. The son wasn't too bad, but the dad was hard to understand at times. Find it hard to understand how they couldn't get at least one Australian for the roles (particularly the son), we seem to have half our acting community over there.

Quite cliched, but that didn't matter so much because it was a lot of awesome. A bit disappointed in the Chinese and Russian Jaeger. They were sold as pretty great but they went down like punks. Also in the montages would have loved to see more Jaegers.

I didn't mind the scientists. Use to seeing the guy from Torchwood in that kind of role, but Charlie Day did seem a bit too manic, but they did make me laugh.

The wall seemed like an insane idea. I guess it makes sense since they believed the monsters were just mindless creatures and if they came up against the wall and it didn't immediately fall (I think it took an hour for the one to get into Sydney...though if I remember correctly the wall was right next to the Opera house, which doesn't make sense geographically) they would lose interest and just go play in the ocean.

All in all, enjoyed the film.

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