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Re: George Lucas: Star Wars stood on the shoulders of Star Trek

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But see I view the change to digital filmmaking as progress. As such, he advanced the medium like no one else.
Like no-one else? Seriously? More than the Lumiere brothers, Sergei Eisenstein, DW Griffith, or Orson Welles?

Lucas had the good fortune to work with a terrific, innovative special effects company. He had the luck of being the director of the movie their special effects sequences were placed in. To view him as not only a cinematic genius, but THE cinematic genius, is ludicrous.

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I'd take ENT S3 and ENT S4 over a huge chunk of Star Trek, so I must disagree. I think it's a damn shame ENT was cancelled, and in no way is this a satisfactory replacement.
A terrific, innovative special effects comapnay he helped create.
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