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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

So just saw it. I loved it. A visual spectacle and one I was totally immersed in from beginning to end. Stunning is a word that came to mind. The story, although simple, was effective enough to get the job done.

Pros: CGI was out of this world.
The creature design was amazing.
Despite the run of the mill plot it created characters that I genuinely cared for.
The action was involving and to me, easy enough to follow.

Cons: The accents. Boy, wtf?? Those aussie accents were atrocities. Surely, they could have found 2 actual Australians to be cast in those roles. Everyone in our theatre either groaned or laughed when they spoke.
The 2 scientists. Quite possibly the most pain inducing characters I've had to endure in any movie. Ever. Worse than Jar Jar. I had to close my eyes and block my ears whenever they appeared. Makes me wonder how no one picked up on this before the movie was released.
Charlie Hunnam's body. I don't have it.

A solid B+. Points deducted for the accents and the scientists.
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