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Re: CGI Bruce Lee sells whisky

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. . . What's not right is this ad, and it doesn't matter that a relative agreed to it.
Actually, it's all that matters. Since Bruce Lee is dead, his legal heirs have the right to control and license the use of his name, image and likeness however they see fit. That's how things work in this world. What you personally think is right or wrong is totally irrelevant.

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In principle, it's the same issue as with organ donations. If you don't have a will, someone else decides what happens to you. And I personally think if there is no will, then by default nobody should be able to make that decision.
In the absence of an advance directive or someone with power of attorney to make such decisions, consent for organ donation should be the default option -- as is the case in many countries. If you don't want to be an organ donor, you're free to make the "opt out" choice while you're still alive.
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