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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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P.S. Can we see these models for graphic illustration / comparison?
Yes. Absolutely. I'm working on it.

It's hard to show a good comparison between the 3d models, so I decided to take good blueprint dorsal views of a BOP and Miranda, and Photoshop them atop eachother....Well....*Gimp* them atop eachother. I've got them scaled and placed. Now I have to animate them in a gif or png fading from one to the other.

I'd be willing to give whom ever wants them the two gimp xcf files. One has the complete dorsal shots of both, the other has the nacells and pylons erased so only the hulls are showing. But they're 4.4 and 3.7 megs, respectively, so I don't know if attaching them would be gouache.

From the blueprints, it's not nearly as close as it looks in 3d. I think the inaccuracy of the models is rearing its ugly head. It's still cool, though.
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