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Re: The Killing (Seasons 1-3)

Just got fully caught up with season three. I don't have a working television so I have to rely on streaming.

Bullitt is breaking my heart. That poor girl. She has a good heart, but all she gets is shit in return. Callie's disappeared; then she gets molested by that creep Mills; Lyric turned out to be a shallow twat who'd rather be with that loser Twitch and Holder rejected her because he was so angry about Lindon and what she was forced to endure.

Bullitt is Lindon 15 years younger. Ran away from the foster system. Alone. Guarded with her emotions but not yet completely emotionally stunted in an effort to protect herself. She has a powerful protective instinct for others, but she's on a downward spiral to becoming emotionally isolated like Lindon. Eventually she won't be able to trust or give anymore.

Lindon and Holder. Wow. I love, love, love the powerful platonic bond between them. Usually writers and directors can only manage that kind of friendship motif with two male characters but, with a superior actress in the role like Enos, it can be done. If she'd been cast as Watson in Elementary instead of the talentless Lucy Liu, I might give a shit about that show.

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