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Re: Inevitable future spectacular catastrophe in the making seen here.

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SS United States is a luxury passenger liner built in 1952 for United States Lines designed to capture the trans-Atlantic speed record.
People want to cross the Atlantic on a cruise ship designed to make the crossing in record time? How can "cruise ship designed to capture the trans-Atlantic speed record" not make people think of Titanic?
The record for the fastest trans-Atlantic crossing by ship -- the so-called Blue Riband (although there was never an actual medal or trophy) -- was a big deal from the early 20th century through the 1950s. It was a matter of national pride as well as prestige for the ship owners. Today, nobody gives two rat turds about the trans-Atlantic speed record. People take planes nowadays.

Also, as previously posted, cruise ships and trans-oceanic liners are really two different animals -- although some ships are built to do both jobs.

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Does it really matter what the outside looks like, if the amenities inside are great?
That's why modern cruise ships look like floating hotels, both outside and inside. With cruising, the voyage itself is the experience. Oh, and you also get to stop at some touristy ports and buy a lot of tacky souvenirs.
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