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Re: Larry Nemecek to announce new book

I just listened to Larry's comments on Literary Treks, and let me just say my interest in the new Stellar Cartography has skyrocketed....

Now here's why. Since the "Star Charts" books I have been rabidly drawing and redrawing those maps over the last decade. I'm a bit of an amateur astronomer and have a great interest in incorporating the real galaxy with the Trek mythos...much like Geoff Mandel and Larry did. But as Mr. Nemecek mentioned, there are errors and oversights, not to mention a lot of subsequent episodes and 3 movies which contested the content of "Star Charts". So I have been surrounding myself with literally stacks of papers and charts; looking at Okudagrams, plotting real star points (which might actually be habitable, etc) and so forth. So yes, I invested a lot of time and was practically finished when this rolled along.

Larry covered EVERY point of contention which I also had to reason out (the Dominion War fronts, the struggle with a 3-D universe, where is the Delphic Expanse, etc) and he touched on EVERYTHING, blow by was like he had read all my notes. sorta weird. So while I'm a little bit sour-grapes about him doing the exact same thing I was, on the other hand, I know presentation-wise Nemecek's work will excel over mine visually in every way.

I'm already saving money for frames. I know Larry's maps will have a place on my "Trek Room" walls.
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