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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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The comics are turning into a bore. Are we going to get A Star Fleet Academy novel in 2013? or are the rumours about the cancellations of the series true?
FWIW there was a fifth (untitled) SA book listed for this August for ages on Amazon, but for some time now it's only listed as unavailable and no sign of it can be found anymore on the S&S site (and I'm reasonably sure I remember seeing it listed there in the past). So I guess there's a very good chance that the series has indeed been discontinued.
I'm pretty sure the series was unofficially cancelled. A fifth book (by Barba, I believe) was listed on Amazon as Defcon said and there was a TBA entry for it on Memory Alpha. I recall someone mentioning at the time Assassination Game came out that it seemed likely that the series was cancelled after the third entry, but as the fourth entry was contracted and written, it made sense to release it and get some money out of it.

In hindsight, I wonder if part of the delay on Assassination Game was based around initial similarities to Into Darkness. "Secret Organization Within Starfleet uses staged terrorist attacks to foment war with aggressive alien species. Kirk and well meaning friends foil plan that is figured headed by a blackhat acting like a good guy."
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