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Re: I'd Pay to See Kathryn Bigelow Direct Wonder Woman - Would You?

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I think you have something of a point except that the lack of a clearly defined mythos really just means WW is ripe to have someone do a big definitive take on film. WB just seems to lack the balls (talk about mixing metaphors...) to do that.
That's definitely true in theory. I think the WB's reluctance relates to them wanting some sort of guidance from the comics on what people are looking for in Wonder Woman, but the comics have never produced a consensus on that point.
Too true - and that tends to be true of a lot of superheroines. But I think Dream is right - better to try something than nothing. And to point to previous outings, which just weren't very good movies, and say, see superheroines don't sell, is really annoying.

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The Host was a rom-com?
Oops! Got me on that one - I was working off a list of romantic movies in 2013. Not so sure The Third person is a comedy either - it was written by Paul Haggis who also wrote Crash. But I should have caught the Host since I know what that is.

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Enjoy the this golden era of superhero movies while it lasts. I doubt we will be getting three big budget superhero movies per year forever. When that time comes, I hope you don't start complaining about the lack of superhero movies being released.
I doubt I'll be complaining, at least I surely won't if they don't start varying the formula a bit. It could happen - MoS took a few risks with the Superman mythos. It's why I posted the article, I thought the suggestion of getting some unexpected directors' takes on superheroes was a good idea - though I don't really think it breaks down so easily along gender lines.
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