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The Romulans have the Remans (featured in Star Trek: Nemesis) and probably many other unseen-due-to-budgetary-constraints subject races. We saw some escapees of a Klingon sebject world in the Enterprise episode "Judgement" and several were mentioned amd detailed in the (non-canon yet utterly awesome) novel The Final Reflection.
Yea well you'd think that conquering other races and keeping them conquered would require significant amounts of resources (i.e Cardassian occupation of Bajor)-Especially when those races obviously are going to do their best from increasing the power of their oppressors. Sure, you get the resources but not necessarily the benefits that come with actual cooperation.

The fact that mostly humans are seen in Starfleet, and that Starfleet is originally an Earth institution suggests that humans are the primary defenders of the Federation. In a way, humans built an empire out of cooperating with weaker species, instead of conquering them like Klingons or Romulans do.
Ha, I was going to ask why humans dominated Starfleet-I suppose this is a reasonable explanation.
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