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Re: CGI Bruce Lee sells whisky

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How about keeping some respect for the dead and trying to think about what they wanted, how they lived their life and if it's what they wanted.
It's not up to you or me to decide what is respectful to Bruce Lee's memory. That's up to the family, and this is what they decided to do. As I said, if it weren't for the internet, we'd likely never have heard about it.

I guess Lee's family didn't think much about it and i can imagine money was a deciding factor.
Like it or not, that's pretty much it.

How about we just get on with our lives and respect the Lee family's decisions?
Why can't we discuss this?

The question is "Would you do it as well?" and "Would you be okay if your kids do it some day?"

And "Where is the point where even you would be saying that it's not okay what his family did?"
You can discuss it all you want, even though it's pointless to do so.

If I'm dead my family can do whatever they want. I don't care. In fact, the longer I'm dead, the less I'll care.
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