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Re: Marvel's Avengers Assemble animated series discussion

This week's episode was pretty weak. Man of Action's attempts at Asgardian/troll dialogue were pretty bizarre-sounding. "Where did you get such a weapon of Asgard?" Huh? All the characterizations were one-note and repetitive, and Dr. Doom was reduced to a power-mad idiot. (Plus he was played by Maurice LaMarche, and at first he managed to do a pretty good David Warner impression, but once the action started, Doom was yelling all his lines and just sounded like Maurice LaMarche yelling, and it was hard to take him seriously when he sounded so much like Calculon.) The pacing and performances weren't very good, and the animation was rather weak and unexpressive. Plus, where the heck was Black Widow?

I've never been that impressed by the Man of Action team (although I really liked its member Joe Kelly's work on Superman vs. the Elite and what I've seen of the comic it was based on), but they've done much better than this in the past.
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