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Re: AMT model kit catalog - 1976

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On the modelmaking end ... does anybody else remember making really appalling kitbashes? I remember one a friend did for one of my first Super-8 flicks, I was horrified when I saw it.

Klingon front end and boom, attached to the cargo module from a 1999 Eagle, with Enterprise struts & nacelles coming (and drooping) off the sides of the cargomod. Even painting it black and setting it on fire didn't make me feel better about it.

I did not kitbash, but in the late 1970s a friend of mine had this ugly looking plastic model rocket, that looked like it was designed in the 1950s for a low budget "B" science fiction film. It was not designed for flight, it was for show only. He knew I had Estes model rockets and solid rocket engines so he asked me to put some rocket engines inside this display model rocket to destroy it. I took it a step further and poured some paint thinner inside the second stage of the model hoping that the solid rocket engine glued the stage below would ignite the second stage compartment of paint thinner.

Well, I put too much paint thinner in the second stage compartment and when the first rocket engine exhausted its fuel the plastic model rocket fell and impacted into the ground, nose first, before the second engine was ignited by the first engine. After the second engine ran out of fuel it did ignite the paint thinner in the next compartment and there was an explosion with a big black cloud of smoke.

My friend gave the remains of the model to some kid that happened to be there to see it crash and explode and asked for it.

That kitbash you mentioned sounds hideous! I wish I could get the image of that kitbash out of my mind.

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