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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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My perception of Alfred was basically formed by Batman: TAS, and I haven't seen him act that different in any of the newer comics (I can't speak for pre COIE, but he's seemed pretty consitant from about the ninties to even now, he's not that much different Post New 52 than he was before). Heck, he's even basically the same in The Batman.
Exactly. Why do it the same way it's already been done before? Wouldn't that get boring eventually? Where's the fun of doing a new series if it doesn't give us fresh approaches to the characters and ideas?
But, at the same time, the whole point of a Batman show is that you're watching Batman. I personally prefer stuff based on comics to be fairly close to the source material. Thats the whole point of watching the show, because I like the characters I already know. Alfred being changed is just weird, and this whole show seems to want to make everything the opposite of other Batman shows. There is a fine line between "fresh approach" and the show not being related to the base character in anything but name.

BTB obviously hasn't gone that far, but there is only so much you can tweak stuff before it just becomes a random superhero show with the batman name slapped on it for marketing reasons. Alfred alone wouldn't do it, but making him Action Alfred along with using lame z-list villains and making Katana batman's partner (I really like The Outsiders, and Katana, but I am not a fan of her being used in this role) is making this show feel less and less like a Batman show. I did like the first episode, but I have the feeling it will be less and less like Batman as it goes along and the writers can get away with more.

Maybe it will turn out to be a great show and make me a fan. If The Batman can win me over, anything is possible. I'm just hoping this show doesn't become the anti-batman just because the writers don't want to do anything like anyone else did. I wouldn't be surprised if we eventually see Robin, but its Stephanie Brown or something. Actually, thats not a bad thing. I'd be fine with a Stephanie Brown Robin. That sounds kind of awesome the more I think about it. Theres about as much of a chance of that happening as BTB Alfred being retconned, but a guy can dream. That is actually part of what annoys me about Katana. Her presence means probably no Batgirl at all, and maybe no Robin, atleast for the first season, and thats just stupid.

I'd prefer either no partner or someone who has actually been Batman's partner (being an Outsider in the comics does not make her Batman's sidekick, by that logic they could have used Black Lightning, Geo-Force or Looker as his sidekick in BTB) over grabbing someone who has never been his sidekick or even close to it. If being on a crimefighting team with him is the only requirement to be his "sidekick", they might as well choose Superman as his partner, he makes as much sense as Katana (to be clear, Superman as a partner would be really stupid, I'm just pointing out that he makes about as much sense as Katana).

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Muscle bound action hero Alfred is definately not a change that needed to be done or that is particularly interesting.
But that's who he was in the pilot. In the series, clearly, he's going to be a formerly hale and healthy, if aging, man of action who's now dealing with a disability and having to adjust to a new role. That's interesting.
He's not "dealing with a disability", he's got a temporary leg injury, and since he's probably not even 60 he'll be ok in a few months. He's not old alfred obviously, I doubt he has fragile bones. Unless they somehow make his injury worse then they said it was in episode one (nothing they said made it sound any more serious then just a bad break) he'll be able to punch people probably before the show's halfway point, and thats if they drag the show along.
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