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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Moving on to August, we've got slim pickings ahead, and I had to stretch to include some of them:

MON 8/5:
3:30 PM: Soylent Green (1973)

SAT 8/10:
4:30 AM: The Blob ('58) again
9:00 AM: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (the inferior '41 version)

SUN 8/11:
10:30 PM: Fail-Safe ('64): Henry Fonda film about a nuclear crisis.

TUE 8/13:
4:15 AM: The Hunger ('83): David Bowie/Susan Sarandon vampire movie.
7:15 AM: A Midsummer Night's Dream ('35): Star-studded Shakespeare fantasy.

FRI 8/23:
2:00 AM: Clash of the Titans ('81): Harryhausen's last film.

SAT 8/24:
6:00 PM: Heaven Can Wait ('43): Ernst Lubitsch comedy unrelated to the '78 film of that name. Looks like the fantasy element is minimal, just a framing section set in Hell.
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