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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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The Dany hatred has nothing to do with her in-universe character flaws, and almost entirely stems from her writing in ADWD, where she acts nothing like she did in the previous books, and is given an excruciatingly tedious stay at Meereen. She easily ranks as the least liked major character by fans after the last book.
I agree that the whole Meereen stay was painful, but I think that's because Dany's initiation has always been painful. It was no more tedious than the trek through the Red Waste and it's all towards forging her as a great (maybe) leader. But folks were complaining just as much about her behavior in regards to Astapor and Yunkai as Meereen. Granted she is stumbling about a lot, but, as she herself frequently acknowledges, she doesn't know what she's doing.

I count the troika of Stannis/Melisandre/Davos as one of my favourite things about ASOIAF. Dunno how anybody couldn't love 'em. However, on Westeros there are a lot of Stannis fans that act like retarded meatheads. They white-wash the character to a ridiculous extent, claiming him as a "hero to all men" and all sorts of other nonsense. I love Stannis because he's complicated and well-written. His black-and-white sense of justice is obviously not a desired means of government however, and the comedy of errors he had with the wildlings was hilarious. I love how he considers Val to be a princess.
I find Melisandre and Davos really interesting. Stannis is a boring stick in the mud who can't seem to think for himself. Bleah. Even as scary as Melisandre is, I'd pick her as a leader before Stannis. At least she has her own plan and isn't all - hey, my brother stole the throne and now it's mine. Why? 'Cause law is law is law is law is...zzzzz...

The only king I'd follow in real life would be Mance Rayder. He's somebody that became a leader through skill and respect, not a family bloodline.
See that's why I like Dany. She's got the bloodline, but she's pretty clear on the fact that it doesn't mean she knows how to rule and she needs to learn how to be a good queen.
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