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Re: Homecoming & The Farther Shore

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Janeway should have remained the Captain of Voyager, no Admiral rubbish and Chakotay should have remained First Officer.

Tuvok should have remained Chief of Security, Paris should have remained as the pilot, Torres as the tech wizard she was in the series and Kim should have remained at Ops.
If you're going to have everything stay the same, why bother setting it after the series? You might as well write something set during the show at that point.
It would have been difficult and a bit unrealistic to squeeze in more adventures in an already action-filled timeline.

Besides that, there were some stupidities in the series which could be corrected if the adventures continues after the homecoming.

Not to mention that Voyager books should be about all the Voyager characters from the series. Otherwise they could call it something else.
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