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There was a SFU-related thread posted up a few years ago, but I figured it would be better to try and start a new one rather than try to perform an act of thread necromancy on the old one.

Is there anyone here who has an interest in the Star Fleet Universe, as run by Amarillo Design Bureau?

Be it in the tabletop starship combat games like Star Fleet Battles or Federation Commander (or the "joint venture" games like the SFU edition of Starmada, or A Call to Arms: Star Fleet), the Prime Directive RPG, the strategic level of Federation and Empire, or one of the other game systems, are there any of the above which you are involved in?

Or, from a purely background perspective, have any of you looked out for some of the fiction set in-universe (as published in various issues of Captain's Log), or the kind of world-building data seen in the varioue empire sourcebooks for PD?

Or in terms of miniatures, collect the older Starline 2400 line, and/or the newer Starline 2500s being co-developed with Mongoose Publishing?

For my part, I'm pretty heavily invested in the SFU as a setting, and have been fortunate enough to have a number of different articles published by ADB. (I don't work for them, though, just to be clear.)

Personally, while I appreciate the appeal of the "TV Empires" (Klingons, Romulans, and suchlike), I find many of the more home-grown species and settings to be the most compelling, in that they can go in directions that aren't tied up with the kind of inherent restictions that those factions derived from ADB's somewhat arcane licence have to deal with.

(A few of these "home-grown" empires have shown up in other works, such as the Lyrans, Hydrans, and ISC in the first two-and-a-half Starfleet Command PC games from Taldren. Although, the version of the Inter-Stellar Concordium in SFC2 is not quite the same as the original one in the SFU proper.)

Also, I wanted to show my most recent attempt at working on a 2500-series miniature; in this case, a Romulan FastHawk I dubbed the RIS Ęstus Estus.

(In the SFU, the Romulan Hawk-series ships are their third generation of hull types, after the "Eagle" series they built originally, and the "Kestrel" series they acquired from the Klingons. The FastHawk is a "fast cruiser" variant of the FireHawk Heavy Cruiser, which has a more "swept-back" design and an increased operational top speed, but which sacrifices some of its plasma torpedo armament in the process.)
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