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Re: So the EMH Never Heard of the Dominion

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Edit, I don't see how your drivel warrants even the electrons it cruelly consumed. There's nothing to prevent the Kazon from boarding by completely conventional methods, and then e.g. throwing the explosives out of the nearest hole in the wall (or if none present themselves, arranging for one). These folks supposedly know how to fight, and lack of transporters is something they have learned to live with.
WHICH TAKES TIME - the kazon must send shuttles, seal an airlock on the array, blow up the array's hatch, etc. A lot more time than the exceptionally convenient transporter, which Janeway knows the kazon don't have.

And there's still that explosive to deactivate.
BTW - countermeasures against physically moving the explosives are a reality today; and they're supposed not to exist in 3 centuries? How incompetent do you want to make starfleet in order to cover up a plot-hole, Timo?

But all that's not what you want to hear, yes?
And you have no problem coming up with actual convoluted drivel in order to show that an obvious plot-hole is no such thing.

Among Janeway's good reasons for not attempting a return using Caretaker's suspect machinery could very well be the complete lack of evidence on it ever returning anybody to Alpha Quadrant alive. Odds of it returning even half the crew on a good day don't seem promising from what Janeway can see, and this was not a good day. Doesn't mean Tuvok shouldn't suggest such a course of action, as it obviously is either Scylla or Charybdis.
Except that's not why Janeway made her decision - she mentioned her motive directly: she didn't use the array because she wanted to destroy it and protect the natives.
Not because she thought it was more dangerous than being stranded in the delta quadrant or whatever.
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