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Re: Doctor Who Prom - BBC Radio 3, Sat 13th July

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Hey, DalekJim, since no one has bothered to tell you, there is a section of the program where they paid tribute to Dudley Simpson who composed many of the incidental scores for "classic" DW. They played several highlights from his work including the "march" from "Tomb of the Cybermen", one of his most distinctive pieces. It sounded VERY impressive with the backing of the entire Royal Philharmonic. Sorry, I can't remember when during the presentation they started that tribute.


Pedant alert, but that was a selection of music by various composers of old (Simpson's - who was in attendance - bit being the City of Death suite);

TARDIS takeoff - Brian Hodgson
The Daleks - Tristram Cary
Space Adventure: The Tomb of the Cybermen - Martin Slavin
The Sea Devils - Malcolm Clarke
City of Death - Dudley Simpson
Logopolis - Paddy Kingsland
The Five Doctors (with Sixth Doctor speech) - Peter Howell
The Curse of Fenric - Mark Ayres

Howell and Ayers were there, performing the radiophonic sections. Peter Davison's intro begins at 1:35.45 on iPlayer.
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