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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Hey, I'm bluedana, and I use that handle on lots of boards. I'm a native Bostonian in my late '30s, married mom of 3, and a lawyer. I'm a TOS fan from way back in the seventies, but ditched partway through TNG's 3rd season (it was like being in space with my best friend's dad, whom I love but, good grief). I ignored DS9 and VOY and came back during the second season of ENT. (Odd as that may seem.)

I was attracted because I'm a big Scott Bakula fan, and stayed because of Archer, but those two things aren't necessarily the same. I don't 'ship anyone at all, and frankly, I like all of the characters as performed - imperfect and interesting.

I've written a few pieces of ENT fan fiction (with the thought that someday I'll "graduate" to writing original fiction and maybe publish a novel), and I hope that some of the discussions and challenges here will push me to write more and better.
Fall seven times. Stand up eight. -- Japanese proverb.
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