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Re: So the EMH Never Heard of the Dominion

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Doesn't mean Janeway couldn't have ordered timed explosives to be made.
And given the Kazon a chance to disarm them before they blew? No. She felt responsible for putting the Ocampa in danger. She was going to make absolutely sure the Array didn't fall into Kazon hands, not settle for half measures.
It's far easier for the kazon to fight Voyager in a ship-to-ship battle - they had ships, not means to teleport into the array; heavy weapons, not knowledge on how to bypass starfleet protection measures; etc - than to disarm starfleet explosives (aka actually get into the array&disarm alien tech before the explosives detonated).
If the Kazon were actually competent enough to disarm starfleet explosives in time, they could have prevented Voyager from destroying the array whatever the method attempted.
Rationalisations such as the quoted one are transparently convoluted fannon.

Anwar - your explanations can't even reach the above level - Tuvok even asked Janeway if he should activate the array; the array brought many ships to it before without causing destruction for the natives.
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