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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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My perception of Alfred was basically formed by Batman: TAS, and I haven't seen him act that different in any of the newer comics (I can't speak for pre COIE, but he's seemed pretty consitant from about the ninties to even now, he's not that much different Post New 52 than he was before). Heck, he's even basically the same in The Batman.
Exactly. Why do it the same way it's already been done before? Wouldn't that get boring eventually? Where's the fun of doing a new series if it doesn't give us fresh approaches to the characters and ideas?

Muscle bound action hero Alfred is definately not a change that needed to be done or that is particularly interesting.
But that's who he was in the pilot. In the series, clearly, he's going to be a formerly hale and healthy, if aging, man of action who's now dealing with a disability and having to adjust to a new role. That's interesting.
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