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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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On a planet like Earth where transporters have been around for a while, every "single" transmisson/transporter signal is authorized and tracked like the FAA does with Airplanes today, just so that no one tries any acts of terrorism... Or They're idiots.
The FAA doesn't identify and track every single airplane, though, except in certain places (the ADIZ around national borders, special flight rules areas, and within a few miles of major aiports).

Other than that, the only planes "identified and tracked" at all times (well, when in radar coverage---which isn't all that extensive) are those on instrument flight plans or those who request the tracking. That includes the majority of commercial flights, but commercial flights are only a tiny fraction of total air traffic. Private flights sometimes use ATC services, but the fraction is heavily weather-dependent.
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