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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

I think folks are forgetting that Alfred suffered a serious injury at the climax of this episode and is going to be walking with a cane for months at least, which probably means the entire season at least. That's why he hired Tatsu (Katana) as Bruce's new bodyguard. So all these concerns about "action Alfred" are overlooking that, I think.

And what is a "normal" Alfred, anyway? He's been many things in different versions of the story. Batman has never been one singular thing. The basic characters and tropes have been reinvented and reinterpreted in many different ways in different eras of the comics and different screen adaptations. And the whole point of doing a new adaptation is to do something different with the concept and characters, to show us things we haven't seen before.

(Personally, I was amused to see Alfred pulling a Kato, attacking his employer as a training exercise like Inspector Clouseau's valet did for him. I enjoy novel variations on a theme. I don't want to constantly see the same things I've seen before. It's fun to be surprised.)

Michael Caine's Alfred was nothing like Alan Napier's Alfred or Michael Gough's Alfred. They're at least as different from each other as J.B. Blanc's Alfred is from Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.'s Alfred or Alastair Duncan's Alfred. So we've already been through this. We've had a wide variety of Alfreds, some radically different from others. Why is it suddenly so shocking now?
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