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Re: Any Casual STO Players?

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Duty Officer Question: What are all these civilians or passengers doing on my ship...should I keep them? sell them (if possible?)
You can use them for some fleet projects, but mostly you need them for Duty Officer assignments which usually involve colonization. You find them in the exploration clusters.

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I'm not casual, I play a lot, but I'm also bored with it and have been forever, so... lol.

End of the day, you've either got to grind to get good stuff, or drop real coin. I grind. Though I have spent money in the past, I always regret it from a "I just spent real money on fake shit" point of view. So I stopped doing it.
yeah. We spend money in imaginary stuff. but in the end it's just spending money on entertainment, right?
Thanks...I did a little digging and figured it out...
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