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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

I didn't find BTB's Alfred to be that big a deal. Super Action Alfred is not a version of Alfred I particularly like, but its something i can get used to. I would like to point out that, while several versions of a more normal Alfred have had military/spy pasts, they definately weren't as muscle bound as this one. There is a reason normal Alfred has a shotgun for defense and doesn't try to engage bad guys in hand to hand combat (and I'd bet its not his age). Being a former military/secret agent doesn't have to mean you're a burly combat expert, and thats my problem with BTB's Alfred. He looks and acts like a master in combat who could take Bruce down without breaking a sweat, and thats not a type of Alfred I want to see (or read about, for that matter, I've never bothered with the earth One batman comic). Its not ruining the show or aything, but he's definately not that related to a more normal Alfred, regardless of wether or not the more modern Alfred's have had a military/secret agent past.
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