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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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Do you think everything in the show is better? The Qarth plot wasn't even adapted for television beyond the names of things.

I jumped ship from the Avers A Game of Thrones audiobook as the sound quality was so poor, so now I've switched teams to Roy Dotrice.

His Tyrion is fucking brilliant. A much closer voice to the one I'd always imagined, and pretty much the opposite of Peter Dinklage's posh accent. Tyrion should talk like somebody the characters would underestimate, like Claudius in I, Claudius. His other voices are odd though, Arya sounds like an old lady.

Also, after Book 5, this book seems to have somewhat lightning pacing. I'm 150 pages in and a ton of things have happened, with every chapter advancing or developing the plot.
I've listened to all of them on audio books and I found Dotrice's interpretation in ADwD to be pretty odd - he suddenly gives Dany a somewhat Scottish/ cockney accent which seems very off and which I don't remember from the earlier books.

And I had the opposite impression of AFfC and ADwD as everybody else. I thought DwD dragged and not much happened, whereas I was very engaged with FfC.

Having finally finished all the books, I've been poking around at and have been shocked to discover much Dany hate, and much Stannis love. Am I just in my own little ASoIaF world, 'cause that's not even close to the way I feel about those characters?? Dany is flawed for sure - but who isn't in this story? At least she seems to be actively learning, which is why I like her. And the number of people advocating for Stannis as the best ruler Westeros could hope for just blows my mind. Yeah, I want the guy being led around by the nose by the mad religious zealot...
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