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Re: What is your least favourite TNG film

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I liked the concept of Shinzon, and had no problems with the idea of Jean-Luc Picard being a great man (greatness in this context meaning performing great feats) no matter what kind of life he lived. Captain of the Enterprise and multi-time saviour of Earth and the Federation in one life and Dominion War hero, revolutionary and leader of the Romulan Star Empire in another.
I'm still convinced there's a good movie somewhere there in Nemesis, and some story potential in the character of Shinzon. I'd never have made him a Picard clone though. There's a scene earlier in the movie where the crew are talking about this coup which has taken place on Romulus and Shinzon is just this mysterious guy from Remus who they know nothing about. That's how I'd have kept it. He's a shady character from the sister planet who has spent his entire life being subjucated by the Romulans; but has managed, through gradually ingratiating himself inside their ranks via his role in the Dominion War, to supplant them as their new ruler. Not only does the 'Wild Card' of this unknown new leader of their foe potentially change the stakes for the entire Federation/Romulan situation, thus justifying the Enterprise crew taking a key role in finding out a little more about the mysterious new Praetor, but if Shinzon's beef is solely with the Romulans, and his ultimate plan involves bringing down their empire somehow from within, then Picard and crew get to be big damn heroes by saving the Romulans, thereby strengthening ties between the two galactic powers. It'd kinda be like The Undiscovered Country with a TNG twist.

Basically, I think the same plot with just a few small alterations to the existing plot could have turned Nemesis from a big dumb action flick to an intriguing political drama (with some action movie over-tones of course). Hence my feeling it had 'un-realized potential'.

None of which excuses the eventual movie of course, which was very much a big dumb action flick. Which was of course exactly what the studio wanted it to be.
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