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Re: Favorite Episode

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What is your favorite episode which show the following characters (in any capacity), and why?

A) Q

B) Dr. Pulaski

C) Lwaxana Troi

D) One of Data's parents

E) No-name ensign/Lt., etc., who gets killed (any series)
Q - TNG: All Good Things... DeLancie is always good and fun to watch, and the trial bookend to "Farpoint" was appropriate.

Pulaski - No favorite episodes with her in them, and I didn't like the character. I don't have anything currently in my library with her in them.

Lwaxana - Same comments as Pulaski.

Parents - Really a limited choice here, considering there aren't that many episodes featuring them. Data's family history never really interested me, but I'll say TNG: Brothers due to Spiner's hard work.

No-name Ensign - Actually named (Mallory), Jay Jones' spectacular exploding rock stunt mishap in TOS: The Apple, which really put him in the hospital.
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