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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

^ I like to see people do that, too, and I occasionally do it myself.

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I was in our local grocery store [during the election season last year]. I was in the express checkout line when a black, older woman wearing an Obama knit cap jumped the line right in front of me. When I told her I was already in line, she informed me that had only stepped out to find another item. She had evidently taken her cart with her, of which I reminded her. She loudly proclaimed that she paid her taxes and had every right to be there. [I guess it didn't matter that I pay my taxes, too!]

Even the other customers told her she was being rude. I told her that she should be ashamed of herself and that she made the rest of us who voted for President Obama look bad. Then, before she could reply, I told her to please stop embarrassing us and replace that hat with a Romney one!

To her credit, the cashier told her to get behind me so she could check out customers who were in line before her. The old hag left in a huff! Score one for good manners.

FAIR NOTICE OF PROPER CREDIT DUE: I was telling my godson about this thread. He told me to post this incident, because I had told him about it at the time.
Kudos to the cashier!

But I'm wondering why you specified the race of the customer. The Obama hat, I get. It's part of the story. But her race?
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