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Re: Best Audio Book?

Finished Project: Twilight - Awesome Vampires I enjoyed it, especially that the villianess fooled the Doctor into helping her scheme believing he was helping her to find a cure, which she didn't want, but, instead, helped her perfect her plans. Nice that in the end, it didn't get all tied up pretty as they had to leave the one girl (Cassie?) in the Arctic because they hadn't cure her yet.

Also watched Real Time - it was great seeing Evelyn's first encounter with the Cybermen, she's just such an awesome character, such a fantastic change from the typical "Hot sexy companion in a miniskirt"

I bought and downloaded Dalek Empire 1.1 and downloaded my first Subscription release Persuasion, so, I'll interrupt my Colin/Evelyn listening to listen them when someone comments on them. But for now, popped in The Sandman. I'm also looking forwarding to Jubilee after seeing DalekJim, (I believe) commenting on how they don't make them like Jubilee any more.
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