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Re: Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes confirmed for Bond 24

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Really? Quantum were annoyed that their banker stole their money and never paid it back. MI6 stuck their noses in and that's how this all started.
MI6 was after Le Chiffre because he was a terrorist financier. Their involvement spiraled from there, but they can't ignore the existence of an organization that has infiltrated MI6 itself and killed some of their agents.
Yes it is somewhat curious really. Quantum finance terrorism and beyond that they actively attacked MI6, and you can't even argue that it was because MI6 went after Le Chiffre given that clearly Quantum had already infiltrated (at least) the British treasury with Vesper.

Quantum are an enemy state as surely as Red China or the Soviets were, or SPECTRE ever was. The only difference is that they had a scheme more grounded in the real world.

Add to this the fact that they made it personal with what they did to Vesper and by trying to kill M.
In the book, the terrorist organization was actually SMERSH, which was a Soviet counter-intelligence agency, and Le Chiffre was a financier for the organization. Le Chiffre was gambling with SMERSH's money, and Bond beats him. He is similarly killed by a SMERSH agent for his treachery.

The reason that MI6 was interested in bankrupting Le Chiffre was that he was a known accomplish of SMERSH, and by bankrupting him in this manner they would be crippling their enemies. The film version is similar, except that the film Le Chiffre is more of a banker who will fund any organization, and just so happens to run up against Quantum (who isn't even named in the first film). As far as MI6 was aware, Le Chiffre was funding the war in Madagascar.
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