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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

The whole selection of All-Stats needs an overhaul to begin with. Why are the managers making all the choices? If this is supposed to be a fan ballot, why aren't fan votes choosing All Stars? I get that World Series home field advantage is on the line, but the current process is just silly.

As for my hometown Jays, I've written them off for another year. I've made no secret that I felt John Gibbons was a poor choice for manager and that has just been compounded game after game. In his post game interviews, whether they win or lose, there is no change in his attitude. His laid back country yokel attitude is on display: "Oh well darn, we tried really hard, but goshnabbit, they just got more runs than us and they were really good, didn't you see them?" This team is full of potential All-Stars and he does nothing to light any fire under them. This has been a country club atmosphere since Day One and it gives these players nothing to play for.

They have Munenori Kawasaki, a player who even from the bench energizes this team and is a fan favorite. So what do they do? Stick in the minors and keep players like Emilio Bonifacio, who has had a terrible year around to commit more and more errors and mediocre batters. Sure, Kawasaki is not going to hit a home run every at bat, but he is going to give 100% and energize the fans and players when he comes to bat.

There is no sense of urgency in Toronto and that needs to change before this team can ever be considered a World Series contender.
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