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Re: New FREE Star Trek TOS game now available!

Hey all, just checking in after the weekend... 300 downloads since Friday, wow!

@Ronald: In the main menu, before you go into the game, there is an options screen. In there, you may be able to control the sound/music volume, depending on how Torque recognizes your sound card. We were happy to just get music into the game, and have been focused on the structure and mechanics of the ship, so we never really worked on audio controls as a priority. I will make a note to test that and come up with a solution so you're not blasted with high-volume music when the game starts

@werdegast: When you say deck plans, do you mean the in-game maps for the turbolifts? When you enter a turbolift and click the little panel at the back, you can see a deck plan of your current deck, and if you then click the little profile of the ship on the map screen it will switch to a side view where you can select other decks. Each deck has an overhead annotated screen shot of the in-game deck, so you can see where everything is... We do not have a "you are here" feature though, which would be really useful but is turning out to be difficult to implement.

As for stand-alone deck plan rederings, if that's what you mean, we may produce larger versions of the deck-map images and put them on our website for reference.

@maxx42: Sounds like your video card is just not compatible with Torque. It has trouble with on-board cards, and prefers an after-market NVidia or ATI. If you have Intel on-board we frequently see problems with that. If you have NVidia or ATI and it still is not working, then perhaps post your console.log file from the game directory and I will look for error messages there.

Thanks for the feedback everyone

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