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Re: Helen Noel as a Regular

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And that, I think, would also have been the problem: Janice Rand was dropped from the show, as soon as she got too close to Kirk. What happened between Kirk and Noel in Dagger of the Mind (although it didn´t happen of free will), combined with their apparent "tęte-ŕ-tęte" at the previous christmas party and their "great chemistry" would soon have lead to a point where they would have gotten too "close for comfort" as well.
Somebody please help me out here. Wasn't the Janice Rand character dropped because she and Kirk did not develop a chemistry? (or would have given raise to audience expectations Gene Roddenberry wasn't willing to meet?).

As a matter of fact, I can't help the impression that Janice actually dated Sulu. She brings him lunch in "The Man Trap" and the two later do something together on Deck 9...

I'm still wondering if Sulu actually went to the Bridge in "The Naked Time" because he expected to find Janice there to be freed from the clutches of Captain "Richelieu"...

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