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Re: TOS Enterprise stairs and turbo lift walk arounds

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I can't see why Spock running towards a straight corridor is such a problem. Stairs run diagonally and the lower saucer is diagonal - why not build some stairs into the hull? Yes it means that Spock would have to run out to run back (and down) but he wouldn't have to travel very far out of his way, and he could hold onto his (lucky) clipboard.
I was definitely thinking about stairs because the diagonal angle of the lower saucer is perfectly suitable for such a thing. But would stairs be acceptable for a phaser crew that just wakes up to a red alert call and needs to get down as fast as possible? Maybe the stairs should have hand rails on both sides, so the crew could slide down as I've seen in some submarine movies?

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Deck 11 seems quite short on your cutaway, so in effect Spock is only going down the stairs for Decks 9 and 10. If the stairs were continuous, even a mere human could cover that distance in 10 seconds or so (and we don't know exactly how much time passed).
Yes, although the Romulan Bird of Prey decloaked, it's unknown whether they had (another) problem getting their plasma weapon ready and/or simply took their time, because the Enterprise looked crippled and dead "in the water" (actually it's rather amazing how long it took them to shut off their fuel consuming cloak while at the same time assuming that the Enterprise was no longer a threat...).

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If we're going to talk Superspock though, what about his performance in TWOK? He makes it from near the top of the saucer (turbolifts inoperable below C-Deck) to the middle of the Engineering hull in what - half a minute? This time we have a countdown to tell us...
Good observation. I'm starting to like the idea of narrow and steep stairs where the hand rails can be (ab)used to slide down...apparently Spock (and Kirk) must have used such stairs in TWOK.

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