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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

starburst wrote: View Post
I actually liked the way they killed off Beckett, it was a shock when it happened and reminded me of how it felt when Daniel died on SG-1... Both of these characters had decent story lines to write them out and then back in again... Weir was just captured and we were told killed then mysteriously came back as someone else.

I think other than killing off a main character they should have developed the background players to the point that when they meet their fate we, the audience, actually care that they are gone. An example keeping with Stargate would be Sgt Riley in SGU.
Riley's death brought me close to tears. Out of all of the secondary characters, he was my favorite.

MacLeod wrote: View Post
^exploding tumours is not what I would call a decent story line. If I had to write it with that proviso I might have had the tumour exploding whilst Beckett was trying to remove it. Peter Grodin had a better death sequence than Beckett.
I would have preferred that they hadn't brought Beckett back. It made his death feel less heroic.
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