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Re: Is there a radio station on the Enterprise?

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My guess is there is one, and Chekov is one of the DJ's (along with Uhura and maybe Captain Kirk!)

The set list for Captain Kirk's DJ hour has to be mostly Beastie Boys (based on his preference as heard in the movie), and other 20th century rock & pop), with Uhura's being any R&B similar to today's R&B/urban, Scott's being any rock band from England and Scotland (and Ireland), McCoy's being Southern rock and country (with just a little alt-country thrown in for good measure. When would they get the time to do this? Who knows, but they just might do so.

Anyone think that this might work?

I take this post with a grain of salt, or perhaps the OP was done with humorous attempt at heart.

But, it does suggest a bent toward a stereotypical round up.

Uhura must like "urban" music and McCoy southern sounds.

Why can't Uhura listen to Opera on her off hours

Why can't McCoy like the mellow beat of Reggie

Perhaps Scottie prefers classical music

Can we not think out of the box, instead of putting people in them.
Absolutely agree. I see Kirk playing Soul and R&B in his quarters. Perfect mood music for whenever a female might visit. Barry White will still move you hundreds of years in the future.
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