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Re: Any Casual STO Players?

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I doubt PW would allow the transfer of account, although i remember seeing them being sold on eBay at one point, but it will be done via paypal, if it happens, i already had somebody say they wanted to buy it, then try and get my log in detail as they wanted to try it first to see if it was worth it. lol
Well, that's easy. You meet them in game, and show them all your lifetime items and perks plus all your c-store purchases if they want to evaluate the account.
All your toons, I guess, will be deleted anyway before the transfer, right?
I would delete all my toons before it went to somebody else, but that's if it goes to somebody else, the six people who have contacted me 3 offered 50, two wanted to try it first, and one said they were from Cryptic and they had noticed i wanted to sell my acccount, they allow you to do this, but they would need to log in and allow their account's department to mark the account as being sold.

I of course gave my log in detail to the last taking them at their word.

The last thing i will try is selling it on eBay, friends have all went to other games long ago, and if i do sell it i will let the fleet know first thing, dont worry about that, i would not let a stranger into the fleet without you guys knowing.

But as i say, that's if it sells, at the moment a STO account looks about as valuable as a UK MP's word.

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