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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

@ Praetor

Thank you! Yes, the circular corridor in the engineering hull has become notorious for provoking "gag reflexes" but if you were to illustrate the circular corridor segements from each episode / different E-deck on a transparent sheet of paper and then overlap all those sheets, you'd inevitably see a "whole" circular corridor.

I realized another problem I hadn't paid proper attention to: In "The Ultimate Computer" Kirk, Spock and McCoy leave Dr. Daystrom in a bedroom section (two beds at least), enter a turbo lift opposite the (unseen) exam room which immediately starts to move counter-clockwise horizontally before going into a vertical / diagonal ascent to carry them to the Bridge.

Looks like the only candidate for this turbo lift would be the outer corridor on Deck 6 at the 2 o'clock position. Interestingly, this would also suggest turbo shafts that keep their distance to the transporter chambers and should therefore all be on Deck 6 (and not partially on Deck 7 as currently illustrated. Great, more lab space ).

It also helps to resolve a problem I had been struggling with prior to the drafts of Decks 5 through 7: If there is a turbo shaft behind the outer corridor on Deck 6 at 2 o'clock, there is no reason not to assume that it extends clockwise to the central stern-bow axis at 3 o'clock where we could have a turbo shaft taking passengers to the bow of the saucer (all it essentially does is take a detour around Environmental Engineering).


P.S. I forgot, here is a parallel thread dealing with turbo lift "walk around" areas illustrated in the lastest deck plan drafts for the saucer hull.
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