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Re: Kirk-Spock-Uhura interplay

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I disagree. Times have changed since the original series. Many of the following Trek series (TNG, DS9, and VOY) followed an ensemble format, more or less, throughout their runs. ENT, which tried to emulate TOS with a trio focus, didn't turn out so well. I think modern audiences would be more receptive to an ensemble film, especially in light of successful ensemble pieces like The Avengers and Fast & The Furious.

Plus ensembles would give every character-specific subset of fans something to enjoy in a Trek film.
I disagree but I'm probably not in the correct demographic.
For all the talk of the ensemble format I don't think the episodes centered around Harry Kim or Beverley Crusher were really everybody's favourites.

In the end IMO, TNG became the Picard-Data show and VOY the Janeway-7of9 show. DS9 probably had the best ensemble pieces.

I personally want nuStar Trek to be about Kirk and Spock. The others can be in it but not too much. Its got to be about Kirk and Spock (and hopefully McCoy) being brave, reckless, heroic and badass. Did I mention Kirk and Spock?
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