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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Anbo-Jytsu.
B is for B-4. Should have been Lore. Would have made Nemesis a better movie.
C is for Commodore. A frequently-encountered flag officer rank in Starfleet during the 22nd and 23rd centuries but eliminated by some point during the course of the 24th.
D is for Defiant. USS Defiant. An elusive Connie with aft phasers and torpedos.
E is for Enterprise. Jim Kirk's one true love.
F is for Fascinating, one of Spock's favorite expressions.
G is for Grilka. Quark's Klingon ex-wife.
H is for Hats. Mid-23rd century Starfleet officers in both the Prime and Abrams timelines wore them every now and then.
I is for "I choose!" I choose T'Pol. No...I choose Seven. ...No... I choose T'Pol. ...No... Blast it!....I ...choose...both!! There.
J is for Janet Wallace, one of James Kirk's romantic flames around the time his son was born and he left Carol Marcus.
K is for the Klingon bastards that killed Kirk's son.
L is for Ligonian Death Match.
M is for Mudd's Women.
N is for Nerds. Star Trek's target demographic.
O s for Odo. A cop that can change into anything or anyone. I smell a civil rights violation or two.
P is for Poles, the magnetic versions of which can help shield the signs of a starship's presence in orbit over a planet.
Q is for Quantum Gobbledegook.
R is for Runabouts. Small Federation starships of the mid-to-late 24th century that were basically really big, tricked-out shuttlecraft.
S is for Seven of Nine's bum. Second place. Finally got "S".
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