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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

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Spacey was excellent as Luther, but was a real estate scam honestly the most dastardly idea they could come up with for him?

Who the fuck would want to live on craggy island anyway? How are you supposed to build a house on that thing? It had 20ft high shards of sharp rock sticking out of the ground everywhere. It was the least attractive bit of real estate i've ever clapped eyes on.

You're nitpicking the wrong part of the plan. The part you should be concerned with is the one where Lex can't claim ownership of the land without admitting to millions of counts of murder.

There's no way that scheme doesn't end with his execution. No one would seriously pay him for the land. If he tried to charge people they'd just take it.

But back to the original point, I think that Superman Returns was way too nostalgic. It had some great ideas which should have moved the character forward, but which ultimately didn't.
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Whereas I felt -- as John Byrne evidently felt -- that Clark/Superman is more defined when Ma and Pa are part of his adult life. That way he has confidantes, people he can reveal his true self to, and that lets us get to know him better than when he's going through life deceiving everyone around him. Sure, you could have that with just Martha, but it's not quite the same. Jonathan is traditionally Clark's main role model, the one whose example he strives to follow. It's useful if he can have actual conversations with that influential figure, because it lets the writers dramatize what would otherwise be an internal monologue.
I agree. The thing is, Superman's life as Clark Kent , mind-mannered reporter is a lie. Superman's life as Superman is also a lie. Take away his family and you have a situation where is is literally lying to everyone all the time.

That really isn't good for the character.
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