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"Wolverine and the X-Men" is one of my favourite books. I don't post much about it in the Marvel thread because no one there seems to like it much...but it has been incredibly consistent and doesn't take its self too seriously, and Jason Aaron knows how to have fun with his characters and has been carrying on Logan's arc from Schism. Even during the Avengers Vs X-Men tie-ins he still was able to maintain some of his own plot. As mentioned the art and the artists on the book have been fantastic as well.
Yeah, I was really in the mood for something that was a little bit lighter and more fun, and W&XM scratched that itch perfectly. Quentin Quire and Broo seem like especially fun characters.
As for the art, I did have a little bit of trouble following what exactly was going on during a few of the panels during the Krakoa attack, but I don't know if that was necissarily that artist's fault. I've run into that with some other books that nobody seems to have had trouble with, so I think a lot of it is just me. Other than those few panels, I loved the art.
My plan right now is to start with the trades, and then depending on how I feel I'll probably keep going with the individual issues.
Next up will be either the first Smallville Season 11 "episode", or the first Saga collection, I haven't decided yet.
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